Sport Channel 5

News coverage of all sports with live broadcasts and up to date articles

Project Objective:

To improve user experience with emphasis on different levels:
A new visual language that is clean and consistent. Improves load times and crashes. Upgrade the user interface by embedding a built-in video player, connecting and personal area to the user, improving the menu and navigating the site.


Rapid development, renewal and improvement of a product that already serves thousands of users.


Features we developed:

  • Push notification for the news

  • Purchase
  • Manage users
  • Manage advertisments
  • Web content management (Displaying web content in the app)
  • Video Player
  • Interfacing with a third party – Data from an external server

New UI interface for Desktop:

As part of the project, a new design was also made for the sports channel’s website. With the Mobile First approach leading to the renewal of the application’s visibility, followed by the adaptation of the desktop interface.

App available for download on various app stores: